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Some Nice Pictures from the 2014 Aspire Conference

By: MitziReed

We had such a blast, at the Aspire 2014 event.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Our beautiful speakers are featured in these images, click through and see the great energy all these ladies brought to our event.

Courage to Play a Bigger Game

By: MitziReed
Debbie Allen

Presented by Featured Keynote Speaker, Debbie Allen Learn how to step up to a bigger game in business and in life! Discover how to develop more value around your business brand and create internet domination to move miles past the competition. Increase your income fast by targeting ideal clients who will pay more for your products and services. Get more recognition and become the authority as the go-to expert in your industry. Debbie will share her secrets to building and selling six million-dollar companies in […]

Awaken to Your Inner Beauty

By: MitziReed
Awaken Your Inner Beauty - Mitzi Reed

To create a more positive body image you need to treat your body with respect and kindness. Your body deserves to be treated well. Begin to do little things to love and nurture yourself each day. Love and nurture yourself no matter what you weigh. Look at yourself as a whole person and not just body parts. We need to treat ourselves with the respect and nurturing we deserve. I value pampering myself and attending to my own needs. Try to include something you enjoy […]